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    Maxwell Mead:
    Australia’s Favourite Honey Wines

    Maxwell Mead is Australia’s famous and favourite honey wine. It is made in simple terms by fermenting pure South Australian honey, creating a beverage brimming with uniquely rich flavours and aromas. Introduced to Australia by Ken Maxwell (1915 – 2004), the Maxwell family is the largest and most successful producer of mead in the southern hemisphere.

    There are three distinct styles of honey wine in the Maxwell Mead range: Honey, Spiced, and Liqueur Mead.

    Maxwell Honey Mead has a delicate bouquet of floral beeswax with marmalade-like aromas. Refreshingly light on the palate, subtle apricot and honey characters fill the mouth, with a satisfyingly clean finish. Ideally served chilled over ice, it can also be used as a mixer (with soda water or lemonade). It is also a complement to cooking, creating delicious chicken or pork dishes.

    Maxwell Spiced Mead displays a bouquet of honey and citrus, plus an added zest from the spices cinnamon and cloves. These spicy characters are carried through on the palate, filling the mouth with a complex and satisfying array of flavours. Traditionally served hot (not boiling) to enhance its aromas and warm the soul, it can also find uses in the kitchen as an ingredient in cakes and fruit pies. Try serving it chilled with dry ginger ale, ice and mint.

    Maxwell Liqueur Mead is a unique drink made by fortifying mead with a specially selected spirit, adding a secret concoction of herbs and spices, and then the mead spends up to three years in oak barrels. This is a mead of unrivalled character; intensely aromatic with a rich and complex flavour, a unique after dinner liqueur. Serve at room temperature or over ice.

    Click here to download a detailed PDF tasting note on these three distinct Maxwell Meads

    The Maxwell Meads have been acclaimed by leading wine critics and industry publications for several decades. Over the years our Meads have won numerous national and international awards, and combined with their continued popularity are naturally considered the modern benchmark for this ancient style of wine.

    Nowadays, the Maxwell Meads are also exported to the world – taking pure South Australian honey wines to a new generation of wine drinkers. To download Maxwell Mead information in a different language, simply choose from the following selections:

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