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    Marks Vintage Report #V17

    No two vintages are the same. Last year we scrambled through 400 tonnes in about 3 weeks. This year it’s after Easter and we still have cold nights slowing down the ripening of some Cabernet grapes. As is so often the case, our region has been its reliable self, making wines of power and elegance without overripe or pruny characters.

    With quality always the priority, 2017 has seen some new technology introduced this harvest. Known as a selective harvester, this clever machine selects only berries, with  any leaves, stalks (and maybe an odd millipede) out and discarded along the row being picked, leaving only the cleanest fruit. This is a very positive quality benefit and leaves no mess to clean up after crushing.

    The vineyard has been generous this year yielding a healthy bounty. With crops well above average we might have to fill the coffee cups to make room for all the wine!

    The Little Demon Verdelho and Where’s Molly Rose are first to the starters gate, so if you like to be first to the party, give us a call and place some on pre-order.