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    Mead | Liqueur Mead

    Australia's Favourite Honey Wines

    Maxwell Mead is Australia's famous and favourite honey wine. It is made in simple terms by fermenting pure South Australian honey, creating a beverage brimming with uniquely rich flavours and aromas. Introduced to Australia by Ken Maxwell (1915 - 2004), the Maxwell family is the largest and most successful producer of mead in the southern hemisphere.

    There are three distinct styles of honey wine in the Maxwell Mead range: Honey, Spiced, and Liqueur Mead.

    Liqueur Mead

    The Wine

    Mead at its absolute best! Stunningly rich, aromatic, and intensely flavoured, this is a unique after dinner liqueur. Starting with a base of Spiced Mead, a special
    herb & spice infusion is added prior to fortification. An extended barrel maturation of around three years in Maxwell’s cellars completes this limited release mead. Maxwell’s Liqueur Mead has also been twice awarded ‘best dessert mead’ at the International Mead Festival Competition in the USA.


    Mead is made by fermenting honey, unlike normal wines which are made from fermented grape juice. Archaeological evidence suggests honey was among the first substances to be fermented by humans.


    Maxwell Liqueur Mead is a unique drink made by fortifying mead with a specially selected spirit, adding a secret concoction of herbs and spices, and then the mead spends up to three years in oak barrels. This is a mead of unrivalled character; intensely aromatic with a rich and complex flavour, a unique after dinner liqueur. Serve at room temperature or over ice.