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    Red | Little Demon Cabernet Malbec Tasting Note

    2015 Little Demon Cabernet Malbec

    The Name

    In 1871 Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell proposed a thought experiment,
    that involved a hypothetical creature acting as a gatekeeper between two
    compartments to sort gas molecules according to their speed. At first glance,
    such a system could potentially create energy from nothing… theoretically
    impossible given the laws of physics. This hypothetical gatekeeper became
    known to physicists as Maxwell’s Little Demon, and has stirred debate in the
    science community for more than a century.

    Vintage Conditions

    Summer conditions were warmer than average with two heat waves through January and one in February, which tested the limits of grapevine tolerance to  heat. Early in the season were high speed winds which reduced berry set, and the size of canopies.  Rain in February rehydrated vines and freshened up vine leaves and started a pattern of cooler daytime temperatures which allowed fruit to finish ripening with moderate temperatures. The moisture boost also helped improve fruit balance on generally low crop levels.


    Colour and Aroma

    Deep purple colour with aromas of mulberry, cassis with hints of aniseed and violets.


    The palate is lively and fresh, medium bodied with complex flavours of plums, raspberries and musk with firm, persistent tannins. A well rounded wine making for a velvety, drinkable red.

    Cellaring Potential

    This wine is made to enjoy upon release, however it is expected that it will continue give excellent flavour at 4 to 6 years of age, assuming satisfactory cellaring conditions.


    • 2014 Little Demon Cabernet Malbec - Winsor Dobbin (Ciao Magazine - Wine Of The Week)

      “It can be quite confronting to go into a bottle shop and be faced by literally hundreds of choices, particularly when it comes to red wines. If you see this label on the shelves, snap up a bottle; it is a very good, easy drinking red bland from a family owned winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia, that offers excellent value for money. Think berries and plums, hints of spice and a soft, mellow mouthfeel. An ideal choice for pairing with barbecues, pizza or pasta dishes.”

    • 2014 Little Demon Cabernet Malbec - 90 points (Gary Walsh - The Wine Front)

      Rose oil perfume, plum and choc-mint. Medium bodied, chocolate and tobacco, slightly salty in its flavour profile, but tasty and well appointed in the flavour department. Light powdery tannin, gentle coffee bean flavour in the aftertaste. Excellent value.” - 90 points.