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  • Little-Demons-Verdelho



    White, Rosé & Sparkling | Little Demon Verdelho Tasting Note

    2016 Little Demon Verdelho

    The Name

    In 1871 Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell proposed a thought experiment, that involved a hypothetical creature acting as a gatekeeper between two compartments to sort gas molecules according to their speed. At first glance, such a system could potentially create energy from nothing... theoretically impossible given the laws of physics. This hypothetical gatekeeper became known to physicists as Maxwell’s Little Demon, and has stirred debate in the  science community for more than a century.

    The Grape

    Verdelho is a white wine grape grown throughout Portugal, though most associated with the island of Madeira. The grape has traditionally been one of the most popular grapes planted on the small island of Madeira since vines were first planted there in the 15th century. In smaller quantities, the grape can also be found in Argentina, and has been successful in the vineyards of Australia, mostly in the Hunter Valley (NSW), Swan Valley (WA), and of course the McLaren Vale and Langhorne Creek regions of South Australia. Australian versions of Verdelho are noted for their intense flavours with hints of lime and honeysuckle and the oily texture that the wines can get after some aging. 

    In the vineyard, Verdelho is a moderately vigorous vine that produces small bunches of small oval berries with a high skin to juice ratio. This skins of the berry can be thick and taste “hard” when eaten. The grapes ripen early, for example typically in the first weeks of February each year in South Australia, meaning it in one of the first grapes crushed during each vintage.

    Colour and Aroma

    Pale straw in colour with light green hues. Fresh notes of lime, pear and tropical passionfruit.



    The palate is fresh and vibrant with flavours of melon, lime juice and freshly cut pear. Made in a fresh, dry style this wine is both refreshing and persistent.



    • 2014 Little Demon Verdelho (Matthew Jukes)

      "Maxwell Verdelho has been through a number of different tweaks in the last few years.  This once frolicking, frisky, sprightly little number has evolved and, dare I say it, grown up of late.  In 2014, it is not so much a Little Demon as a Teenage Fiend and this is because the skin element of this underrated grape is playing an ever more important role in the making of this wine.  The raspy, pineapple husk and white pepper notes mark this as an involving creature, in spite of its jolly dimensions and mojito tang.  In a way there is the sort of trajectory here that you might expect from a fine, long, noble, dry Semillon, but it is broken up with surprising moments of exoticism and debauchery (which Semillon wouldn’t dream of writing into its performance).  This is on the one hand a party animal and on the other a more intellectually challenging, foody concoction.  This Demon is coming of age.  Of course, the Maxwells will decide whether they will push this rascal further or let it drop its shoulders and remain here a while.  Either way I will be watching.  Two years ago I was encouraging you to lob a few bottles of Little Demon into an ice-filled paddling pool.  This time I reckon we should get in there with it!"

    • 2013 Little Demon Verdelho (Matthew Jukes)
      "Little Demon is a bit of a softy at heart. The gentle aromatic nose is floral and mildly tropical and the 12% alcohol palate is tender and welcoming. Notes of pink grapefruit and pear segments abound and you are left with a soothing feeling after every sip. This is a delicious, forward-drinking, unoaked wine which shows off the talents of the Verdelho grape to a tee. Great work Maxwell, this is a beautiful, perfectly balanced white with real heart."