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    Mead | Sparkling Mead

    Australia's Favourite Honey Wines

    Maxwell Mead is Australia's famous and favourite honey wine. It is made in simple terms by fermenting pure South Australian honey, creating a beverage brimming with uniquely rich flavours and aromas. Introduced to Australia by Ken Maxwell (1915 - 2004), the Maxwell family is the largest and most successful producer of mead in the southern hemisphere.

    There are three distinct styles of honey wine in the Maxwell Mead range: Honey, Spiced, and Liqueur Mead.

    NV Sparkling Mead


    Mead is made by fermenting honey, unlike normal wines which are made from fermented grape juice. Archaeological evidence suggests honey was among the first substances to be fermented by humans.


    This Mead is made by fermenting pure Australian honey using a method as old as history; In ancient times mead
    was 'nectar' to the Greek Gods and to the Vikings it was the honeymoon drink, believed to have virtues of an aphrodisiac. The Sparkling Mead displays hints of cinnamon and clove, together with stone fruits, citrus and the delicate flavour of ginger. Serve over crushed ice and garnish with fresh mint.


    • Sparkling Mead - 90 points (Huon Hooke -

      Mead blended with ginger and other spices including clove and cinnamon, as well as stone fruits and citrus. The aroma is very gingery and spicy with obvious clove notes. It’s a little vermouth-like, gently sparkling and lightly sweet. The finish is clean. It’s a delicious drink that would appeal to ginger beer drinkers.” - 90 points.