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    White, Rosé & Sparkling | Envious Sparkling Wine Tasting Note

    NV Envious Sparkling Wine

    The Name

    A simple play on words - ‘Envious’ was chosen to represent our Non Vintage Sparkling wine, or ‘NVS’ for short.

    Colour and Aroma

    Bright pale straw colour. Aromas of fresh green apple and citrus effervesce.


    The citrus flavours illuminate the palate and provide the wine with freshness. Delicate creamy yeast characters bring style and complexity, while a subtle melon note plays in the background. The wine has good length with a pleasantly dry finish.

    Cellaring Potential

    This wine is made for celebration and to be enjoyed now, rather than cellared.


    • Envious Sparkling (Philip White)
      "A non-vintage sparkling wine – NVS, geddit? – made from Chardonnay and Pinot noir from unspecified sources,  this is a fair fizz for this price, with a little more style than the biggest refineries tend to manage when they fill these cheaper shelves with suds. The ticklish acrid edge of the bouquet is sulphur more than terroir, but it flares the nostrils in a similar way, and never quite covers the rather amorphous champagne varieties that lie below, with their vague hints of strawberry pith and custard apple.  It’s much more delicate and satisfying in the mouth, however, with a clean, direct line of flavour and some really appetising bone china tannins. Dry and tidy, crisp and crunchy, adult but cheeky, it’s pretty much the sort of stuff most of us would love to schlück as we loll on the verdant sward beneath the gums at a gentle festival weekend of good music and tucker. It goes  perfectly with slices of Italian almond biscotti."