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Making wine from honey instead of grapes was first introduced to this country by Mark Maxwell’s father, Ken (1915 – 2004) whose devotion to the ancient craft created the benchmark for modern mead-making around the world. Today, Maxwell Mead is Australia’s favourite honey wine and the most successful range in the Southern Hemisphere. Not only is mead thought to be the oldest fermented drink originating in Northern China as far back as 7,000 BC, when the ancient Greeks discovered it, they called it ‘ambrosia’: the nectar of the gods. If you’ve never tried a honey wine, you couldn’t pick a better range. Because Maxwell Mead is Maxwell-made.


“Ancient history with
contemporary cred”.

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With a keen and enquiring mind Ken Maxwell was a student of history, a notable measure of eccentricity saw his passion lean not to the long deceased Kings and Queens filling the educational text books of the time, but to the obscure and creative beverages upon which they indulged.

After a decade or more of experimentation with different honey’s and yeasts the famous Maxwell Honey Mead was born. The first commercial label was released in 1961 and with it, the birth the Australian mead industry.

Mark Maxwell remains true to the recipe and techniques pioneered by his father. Though the package may have evolved over the years, the quality and purity of the mead has not. A benchmark for others to follow, it has been awarded the ‘best pure varietal mead’ gold medal at the International Mead Festival Competition in the USA.

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  • Sparkling Mead

    Somewhere between a ginger beer and a cider, this is ancient history with contemporary cred.

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  • Honey Mead

    True to its ancient heritage, powerful and engaging - this is viking in a bottle.

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  • Spiced Mead

    Entwined in the history of the Maxwell family and a favourite that spans generations. A Maxwell...

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  • Liqueur Mead

    Mead at its absolute best. Rich, aromatic and intensely flavoured, this is a complex after dinner...

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