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Sparkling Mead 24 pack 330ml cans (Introductory Special)

Many years ago following Ken Maxwell’s eccentric lead in reading about alcoholic drinks in history, Mark learnt of mead that was made from fermenting honey and blackberries to create Morat. Mark then started experimenting with a soda stream to see if it could be made into a Sparkling Mead.

Many years have passed, and with the soda stream and blackberries nowhere to be found, Mark has continued to innovate and experiment with this ancient drink.

Maxwell Sparkling Mead is as contemporary as it is delicious. Refreshing and pure, this latest addition to the Maxwell range puts mead firmly in the realm of everyday summer drinking.

With low alcohol and a delicate bead and flavoured with subtle hints of ginger, this mead is at home on the beach or around the barbeque.

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