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The lates evolution of our forty year old business is encapsulated by beautiful renovations to the restaurant and tasting room areas.

Designed by Anatoly Patrick Architecture with interior design by Claire Kneebone, the newly completed restaurant and tasting room space brings our family’s long term vision to reality.
Anatoly said the work to remodel the space sought to harness and pay tribute to the sensory experiences at Maxwell by translating them into a physical experience.

“Maxwell is quite unique with its wine production right next to the tasting room, so we chose to play up this feature by adding full height windows in the dining space, where you can overlook the wine being made as you dine.

“To do this we took out walls and doors, enlarged the space and enclosed it with glass.”
The design work also brings elements of theatre to the visitor experience, by creating a sense of awe and drama as they move through the space with direct views of the kitchen, winery and the surrounding vineyards.

“Visitors enter from a low space into a high space, and they are drawn through to the open window on the kitchen, the open windows over the winery and the window into the open beehive where they can view the honey bees coming in and out and utilising their hive,” said Anatoly.

Previously located outdoors at the back of the building, the hive is now centre-stage in the foyer, framed behind
glass, where visitors can watch the bees at work to make the honey for the famous Maxwell mead.

The contemporary yet rustic approach by Anatoly and his team make use of existing materials such as stone and rough sawn timber, Claire’s interior styling highlights these features with natural elements such as the handcrafted chef’s table made from marble, limestone and bespoke tile finishes.

“There is a crafted quality to the experience at Maxwell’s so creating custom furniture, joinery, doors and windows to create texture and mimic materials found in a homely kitchen,” said Claire.

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