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McLaren Vale demonstrates its resiliance in 2019.

A growing season one hopes wont be repeated. We started with a very dry winter , missing out on 100 ml of rain we would normally expect in July and August. Then gusty blasts of wind hit the vines during flowering, reducing the potential crop.

In mid-December we had uncharacteristic strong winds that broke off canes with small bunches on lots of vines facing west. Then in February we had a seven day heatwave, culminating in a record breaking 47⁰C. This burnt the edges of many leaves, reducing photosynthesis and our potential crop by over 30%

We started picking white grapes in the last week of February and went on to harvest reds in March. Although the quantity is much less than last year, the flavours and quality are amazingly solid. It just goes to show how reliable and resilient McLaren Vale can be, year in , year out.

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