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The unique result of his elbow grease and ingenuity. Stubborn determination and unbending standards. Eccentricity and authenticity. Carved into a limestone hill at the heart of McLaren Vale and etched into its history is the five-star winery, meadery and restaurant he built with seductive locations for spectacular occasions: a tribute to one man’s vision and tenacity. Drop by when you next visit the Vale.


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Our magical subterrenean
Lime Cave

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The Restaurant


Some say McLaren Vale offers the best regional dining in Australia. But few know a part of that reputation is Maxwell-made. In 1969, Marks father contributed to the region’s first notable eatery. And when Mark Maxwell built this winery, it was one of the few with its own restaurant. Our menu has always championed fresh, seasonal produce from local suppliers. Although, our brilliant Head Chef, Fabian Lehmann, is far from local. With a stellar career forged in the Michelin-starred restaurants of Europe, his exquisite plates are now the stuff of Instagram legend.

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Cellar Door



Few cellar doors give Maxwell’s holistic wine experience. Perched atop the winery, you have a window into its soul. 

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The Clubs


Many of the clans of our Scottish forebears were not kin by blood. They simply adopted the clan’s name. This allowed them to identify with the tribe’s spirit. And claim the benefits of belonging. So, even if your name isn’t Maxwell, you can still join The Clan and be treated like a member of our extended family. That means sharing family news, secrets – and specials – with Maxwell-made savings. (A delight for anyone, even if you’re not a Scot.)

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The Wine



Concentrated. Robust. Characterful. The qualities of the winemaker reflect in the quality of the wine. Because every wine that’s made by Maxwell is, indeed, Maxwell-made. The unique result of one man’s vision, tenacity and unbending standards. Since he came here in 1979, Mark Maxwell has come to understand the unique terroir of our limestone hill. And extract every characteristic nuance for every estate wine, regardless of price. 

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The Mead


Australia’s favourite honey wine. Our family treasure. If you’ve never tried wine made from honey, start with the best. Because Maxwell Mead is Maxwell-made.

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