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Wine for the Frontline

Send your thanks, with a bottle of wine, to a stranger who is working on the Front Line fighting the good fight to keep us safe! 
These strangers are hard-working Australians who are working in the fever clinics and Intensive Care Units across SA. They are testing, and caring for, COVID-19 patients and are risking their lives for us on a daily basis.

Maxwell Wines, who pride themselves on being community-minded, want to offer you the opportunity to work with them on applauding the selfless and admiral Front Lines efforts.
Just think, a random act of kindness that could inject a little much-needed happiness. It's a simple, but beautiful, concept and hopefully will make a Front Line worker’s day a little brighter.
After all, what is better than coming home to enjoy a glass of red wine, with a thank you message you weren't expecting to receive.

Mark Maxwell says "We all remember the people in our lives who have good manners and send thank you notes. It's old fashioned, but heartwarming, and that's what the world needs right now. Let's spread the good stuff... love, care, respect and thanks to the Front Line. Your special messages will be sent to a stranger who probably needs to hear your words of gratitude more than ever. Together, let's create a new kind of world-class food and wine experiences. Let them enjoy a glass or two of red over dinner, or on the couch."

Order a bottle for someone you will hopefully never meet, and send them a message of thanks.
The Maxwell Wines restaurant and cellar door staff, who are known for their happy, smiley personalities, will drop these bottles off to these Front Line workers on your behalf.

So get on board, and salute a local hero, and be a Thank You Angel with a bottle of Maxwell Wines!

Wine for the Frontline
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